Who we are?

Meexes - Healthy body/healthy mind
Meexes - maximalize your body energy

The company provides an extensive line of unique of healthy, convenient, mainly powder based:
• food products
• food ingredients
• dietary supplements supporting your health that is a growing consumer needs.

Meexes products guarantee to their consumers to make their healthy lifestyle easy with a Simple Way of preparation of the products to be able to Enjoy and Stick to a Healthy Diet.

Our mission is to introduce and food alternatives for our consumers, customers/wholesalers for all over the word.

Our company is dedicated to providing customers with high quality products, great value, and fast turnaround. All of our products have been manufactured to meet customers’ requirements and comply food safety requirements, HACCP GMP standards.

Furthermore, Meexes is consistently following customers/consumers’ requests and newest research and scientific findings and always expanding product line based on that.
The experts of the company also works with international research and development institutes, universities to keep up with the newest knowledge of this field in order to create new and unique products/ingredients that are healthy, safe on reasonable price.

Quality for Meexes is a continual process and begins when we select only quality ingredients from established and trustworthy sources to meet our exceptionally high standards. The manufacturing facilities are equipped also with packaging line that capable to package various finished product formats according to our customers’ needs.

With 30+ years of experience of the staff/management, our company differentiates itself from competitors by providing excellent tailored made product development service and significantly shortened lead time without compromising the quality of our products. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in product development, marketing, international import and export requirements and customer relations. This experience gives us insight into all facets of the food/dietary supplement industries and enables us to create solutions for our clients in an affordable and timely manner.